Wave goodbye to Windows?

Well, this could be pretty big news - or it could be nothing. The ace tech bloggers at This Is My Next have been doing some swotting, and they've come up with a pretty striking prediction about the future of Windows.

Microsoft senior geezer Andy Lee said last week at a developer's conference that the big M is aiming to develop a 'single ecosystem' for all its products, from Windows PCs and Windows Phone, er, phones, to even XBox. That means they'll all be able to run essentially the same software, with minimal fiddling needed to get them to adjust to different devices.

That's not that surprising with regards to PCs and Windows Phones, but the inclusion of Xbox is pretty interesting - and raises the possibility of fiddling with Excel spreadsheets on your TV, which we guess is a good idea? The timing all fits, though - the This Is My Next guys point out that both Windows 8, due out next year, and the current Xbox are due for replacement around 2015, the perfect time to replace them with an integrated system.

That's not the crazy thing, though.

According to some sources within Microsoft, apparently the big M aren't sure whether the 'Windows' brand will survive the transition to this brave new single-system world. It's not in the dumpster yet, but apparently Microsoft high-ups are genuinely considering ditching it - and, we reckon it's fair to say, the Xbox brand with it.

Is this true? Who knows. In a way, it certainly should be: Windows Phone has made so little impact Microsoft must be at least considering a different name, and in a future of tablets it's not clear programs will still be running in 'windows' anyway. But still, this would be a huge shift - cementing the feeling that's been growing since the introduction of the iPad that the world of computing is on the cusp of radical change. Oh brave new world...

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