Wave goodbye for good

A sad story is nearing its end. Nerds everywhere were saddened when Google announced last year that its nifty Wave service, less than a year old, was being shut down. Admittedly no-one could deny that Wave had failed to attract many users, but those who had taken the time to get to know the service were sad to hear it was on the outs.

But there was a silver lining: Google said the service would stay open until at least 2011. Well, it's 2011 now, and... the news isn't good.

Wave isn't being shut down yet, but it's taken another step to the grave: Google is closing, or 'deprecating', the Wave API, the tool which allowed developers to make add-on services for it. This is likely the first step in the shutdown of the service.

Of course, that won't be the total end: Wave will live on as an open-source project.

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