Waterproof MP3 player launches

Ever wished you could keep listening to your MP3 player when you were swimming? What do you mean, “no”? NuDolphin, a 1GB waterproof MP3 player from New Universe Technologies, is a cylinder-shaped gadget designed to attach to the strap of a swimmer’s goggles, and comes with soft in-ear headphones that work underwater.

We’re all for a bit of clever gadgetry, but imagine the consequences if this takes off – unequipped swimmers will be at the mercy of tinny just-heard snatches from other people’s headphones, weirdly distorted by the water and bouncing off the walls of the pool. Hang on – an incomprehensible series of clicks and whistles… is there something the dolphins aren’t telling us?

(Image: from Just Taken Pics’ Flickr stream)

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