Looking to buy a new waterproof digital camera?

There is no worse feeling than having a top of the range digital camera only to drop it down the toilet or accidentally leave it out in the rain! That is why you need a waterproof digital camera. You will never lose your camera to water damage again and you could save yourself from losing thousands of invaluable photos that you have saved!

Argos have an excellent deal on at the moment on the Fujifilm Z33 camera. This camera is both slick and stylish to look at with a whopping 10MP lens. The camera is finished in a strong plastic that is dark green in colour. With 3x optical zoom and 5.7x digital zoom, all your photography needs are catered for.

The camera also features PictBridge software and a great anti-blur feature. The camera even detects faces so you always get the shot you want! The camera is both splashproof and waterproof up to 3 metres. It uses a rechargeable battery, saving you on expensive batteries! The camera can be yours for just £103.18, saving you £50 on the RRP.

Amazon.co.uk is another great place to find a new waterproof digital camera. Sticking with Fujifilm, they have a promotion on the XP10 model which is finished in a slick dark blue. This camera is 12MP and has 5x optical zoom. It is super tough in that it is shockproof, freezeproof, waterproof and dustproof. Face detection and red eye removal are just some of the great features of this camera. It is on Amazon now for only £99.98, again saving you £50 on the RRP!

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