Dancing water speakers review

If you love novelty items, take a look at dancing water speakers to spice up and boost your sound system. They are great accessories to attach to your gadgets and add a new dimension to your visual and listening experience. In addition, they are relaxing with the explosion of water dancing to your favourite tunes.

How they work

Water speakers work by connecting them to the USB or the mains supply of your personal computer, stereo, television or other gadgets you have in the house or office. When it is connected, the water bounces to the sound of the music or the vibration from your devices. You can use them with your MP3 players, iPods, telephone, tablets or practically anything where there is a 3.5mm audio jack connection. Portable and light, these speakers are innovative products and novelty items that do not fail to impress and please if you’re looking for a bit of fun.

Water is completely sealed and usually come with the speakers so there is no need to worry about spills and how to fill them up. There are typically 4 jets of water and multi-coloured LED lights in red, green, blue and yellow illuminate the water for a colourful display. The volume and pitch of the music or sound determine how high the water will shoot. Water speakers are great to use during the day since they are bright enough to be seen. However, the effect in the dark of these accessories is even more spectacular and mesmerising.

  • Where to buy them

* Red 5 (red5.co.uk)

For £39.95, you get a set of speakers that dances when the music plays. Jets of water illuminate multi-coloured LEDS for a brilliant water show.

* Amazon (amazon.co.uk)

The marketplace has an interesting selection of water speakers from the iBoutique Colour Jets USB Dancing Water Speakers to DigitusColor Splash Speaker. Prices start from £16.48 to £25.98.

* Ebay (ebay.co.uk)

Prices start at £9.99 for a pair of speakers. Good quality accessories will cost you from £43.99 to £44.95.


Water speakers provide an unusual experience and for a lot of people having fun with them is a great thing. They are light, portable and easy to install. Prices are also affordable. However, not everyone is pleased with how they perform. Some say the overall sound quality is not so good while others are disappointed at how easily the accessories break. One thing is clear; water speakers offer an impressive light and water show when they work properly.

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