Watching me, watching you

The iPhone and its multitude of apps offers the promise of putting you in touch with the entire world, be it via social networking sites, internet sites where you can order food or shopping, apps to track friends or in the case of Vince Hunter from Texas, U.S., via iCam, which allowed him to watch his house being burgled, in real time.

Having gone to Connecticut for a short-time, Hunter set up the iCam application on his phone which alerted him when two men broke into his house, the Metro Online reveals.

'I check the footage, and see in real time guys in this area, and they're kind of hunched over. They'd just broken the glass. I said 'holy cow, I gotta call 911', Hunter explains. The actual images that were being displayed on his iPhone were being transmitted from his home security system, which included numerous video cameras.

Like many of us, Hunter was unsure whether the shiny object clutched in his hand was actually providing him with this invaluable information as it was happening: 'You know, it was surreal. It really was. The first thing I couldn't believe is that we could do this on our cell phone. Really? A cell phone?'

Soon we'll all be wearing iUtility belts, it seems!

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