Watch out, film stars!

Searching for people to follow can be quite the hassle for your young celeb spotter on the go: there are so many fake accounts floating around the place that it’s quite tricky finding genuine ones. This just won’t do.

So praise the lord for Matthew Fong, who has brought us one step closer to full-on stalkerhood. He has developed TwIMDb, which is an extension for the monster film website. He’s managed to make a little program for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which links the names of movie stars to their Twitter accounts. Cool, no? At the moment there are only 100 names listed, but Fong is hoping to extend that list soon so that we can follow big film stars wherever they go. You can find the extension for Firefox here and Chrome here.

‘I’ve been looking for a good list of twitter names of people in the movie industry but one doesn’t seem to exist. WeFollow is ok for the bigger names and there are a couple of blogs that try and list twitter names but they aren’t that good and never updated,’ said Fong on his blog. ‘So, I’ll pretty much be making the de facto IMDb 2 twitter list (and might add official pages/wikipedia/facebook/etc down the line).’

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