Watch Dogs review

Watch Dogs is an open world action-adventure video game with a difference. It's not afraid to stand apart from the likes of GTA V because it tries to do something new, but a Watch Dogs review that concentrates on the games differences to other third-person open-world games is missing the point because this is a great game in its own right.


Players control a character called Aiden Pearce who's a highly skilled hacker. He's gained control of the centralised system that manages the infrastructure of Chicago. You can decide whether to use the system for criminal gains or as a vigilante.

Watch Dogs review

The Ubisoft produced game offers a style of gameplay that's different to Grand Theft Auto but not so different that GTA fans won't get on with it. Rather than involving yourself in guilt free carnage, with Watch Dogs you're aware of the AI controlled characters' backstories. Killing an innocent person who does good for others will affect your reputation rating which charts your nefarious actions.


The online multiplayer mode allows up to 8 users to engage in either co-operative or combative gameplay. The game uses the single player set up but adds cyber hide and seek games and the ability to hack into each other's game.

Windy City

One of the best features of the game is the way that reality and fiction merge seamlessly. The developers have used the 2003 blackout that affected homes across the northeast of America as a backdrop, suggesting that hackers were responsible. The Windy City model extremely well with reproductions of landmarks like the Willis Tower giving this an authentic feel, but the twist that the city is now being controlled by a supercomputer following the 2003 attacks lends it a futuristic feel.

Should you buy it?

The premise may be very close to the TV show Person of Interest and the game may be a mix of Hacker and Grand Theft Auto but it's definitely worth a look. This is a game that's very similar to other open world action-adventure video games but this Watch Dogs review, like so many others, recommends the game for its incredible gameplay.

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