Fantastic washing machines for £100

There are many washing machines 100 price range that perform incredibly well. You'd be forgiven for thinking if you only spent £100 on a new machine you'd be getting one that doesn't perform as well as some of the models that are at the top of the price range. But you'd be wrong!

Argos has a large selection of washing machines that start at £100. Many of the machines come with a 3 year warranty and home delivery within 5 working days. Check out their website where you'll find some incredible deals. And if you have an Argos card you won't have to pay a penny for up to six months.

For example, the Beko WM5100 white washing machine, which was retailing at £199.95 but has been reduced to £174.97. It has an energy efficiency rating of A+, meaning that it's one of the most economical washing machines to run. The Beko WM5100 has 16 different wash cycles including a woollens and hand wash cycle so you won't need to worry about your delicates getting damaged.

If you're a diehard bargain hunter you could do a lot worse than checking out the washing machines on Gumtree. They're all second hand machines but the prices are low enough to make them an excellent option. Is there anywhere else you could pick up an Indesit washing machine with 4 months warranty for £92? Probably not.

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