Want to know where to download DS games?

It may surprise some of you to learn that the video game industry now makes more money on an annual basis globally than the movie industry does. While some people seek to attribute this to the fact that games cost much more than movies do, the truth is that the huge increase in popularity of video games is in no small part down to Nintendo.

Since the launch of their DS console in 2006, which they soon followed up with the release of the revolutionary motion controlled Nintendo Wii, Nintendo have managed to sell almost a quarter of a billion consoles worldwide. The most impressive thing isn't just the numbers sold, but the fact that these systems have been sold to an ever increasing number of "non-traditional" gamers who would never have considered playing games even ten short years ago.

However with this success has come the dark shadow of video game piracy. It seems that the more successful a console becomes, the worse piracy gets. For many developers, people searching for where to download DS games online are becoming a huge problem.

Games these days cost millions of pounds to develop and can take years at a time, which is why it is so damaging to development studios to have people downloading their work illegally and free of charge. With the likes of the R4 cartridge for the DS, the problem seems to be bigger than ever.

We would recommend that anyone thinking about dipping their toes in the seedy piracy underworld takes a long hard look at themselves and asks whether or not they value the entertainment they get from video games enough to protect them as a valid entertainment source for future generations. There are alternatives available for those of you who can't afford to buy all the latest games, such as games from the Nintendo Store, accessed from your DS over WiFi, or second hand game stores, so there's very little need (apart from greed) to risk breaking the law on this front.


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