Want to boost iPhone sales? There’s an advert for that.

With Apple iPhone monopolising the smartphone market, their competitors are doing all they can to snatch back as many customers as possible. However, according to an Israeli company they have an awful lot to learn.

App developer ApParty have discovered that since the brand new telly advert for the Google Android has hit the small screen, sales for their iFog app for the iPhone have rocketed. With Apple raking in a percentage of every sale, Steve Jobs and co are laughing all the way to the bank. (Thank you Mr Google).

The advert, which features a string of old time comics including Chevy Chase and Dana Carvey getting to grips with some hilarious apps on the Google Android, is actually advertising T-Mobile. ApParty have reported their iFog app has increased sales by 100% and is now back in the top 20 of the iPhone app store.

Watch the Google iPhone app here. What do you think, does Chevy dye his hair?

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