Want the Wii black Sports Resort pack and Wii Fit Plus?

Want the Wii black Sports Resort pack and Wii Fit Plus? It feels like not long ago when trying to get your hands on a Wii was nearly impossible. Since then Nintendo have released the 3DS and have given teasers into their next console.

Nintendo lead the way moving away from the usual controller into motion sensors. With all the classics and new games, kids and big kids alike love the Wii. Wiis are also used in hospitals all over the world and sparked the creation of ‘wiihabilitation’. They were used for patients who needed physical therapy and helped to distract them from the pain of repetitive muscle movement.

Since then, Playstation released Playstation Move and Xbox released Xbox Kinect, also both motion based. They are very good but lack the character, fun and imagination of the Wii.

Many people like the Wii in black, mostly because it looks well with a black TV. Currys are offering the Wii black, Wii Sport, Wii Sports Resort and a controller for £129.00. Comet offers the same for £129.99. You can find it on amazon.co.uk for £119.91 including delivery. We found a couple of new ones on eBay going for £80.00. It is worth looking around to find the best price.

Wii Fit is a great way to keep in shape. University students from Liverpool found people could lose up to 12kg a year by playing Wii Fit, which has 40 different activities in four main categories: aerobic exercise, muscle workouts, balance and yoga. You can get the Wii Fit and board for around £60. You can also get the board in black to go well with your black Wii!

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