Want more from SOCOM 4?

The first time we saw the PlayStation Move demonstrated with a first-person shooter we were a little bit underwhelmed: it felt a little bit unresponsive to us, and the range of movement wasn’t as smooth as what you would have with a normal control pad. However, we’ve just seen some footage for SOCOM 4 which shows just how immersive the move can be, especially when used in conjunction with a proper piece of gun-like hardware.

The video below shows SOCOM 4 being played with the PS Move Sharp Shooter, by Sony's senior staff producer Ken Inagaki, and we have to say as a piece of kit it’s very impressive, with buttons and switches for just about every single shooter function you could ever need, including stealth kills. The idea behind the device is for hardcore shooter fans to get more from their gaming experience, and Inagaki claims that it ‘allows for another level of immersion’. Check it out.

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