Want an iPad?

So, you've read about them, you’ve drooled about them and today is the day if you live in the UK you can finally get your hands on an iPad, sort of.

The much hyped Apple tablet ‘thingy’ will be available for people to pick up, touch and buy on the 28th May but from today pre-orders start. But which one do you get; Wi-Fi or 3G? 16GB or 64GB? and what’s the best deal and how much of your hard earned cash will you need to waste, sorry hand over? Here’s the low-fi...

  • The iPad Wi-Fi only 16GB - £429
  • The iPad Wi-Fi only 32GB - £499
  • The iPad Wi-Fi only 64GB - £599
  • The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB - £529
  • The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB – £599
  • The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB - £699

Price plans:
  • 02 3G data plan: 500MB per day for £2 / 1GB per month for £10 / 3GB per month for £15
  • Orange 3G data plan: 200MB per day for £2 / 1GB per week for £7.50 / 3GB per month for £15 / 10GB per month for £25
  • Vodafone 3G data: 250MB per month for £10 / 5GB per month for £25

Although none of the UK 3G data plans seem especially like a bargain deal on the plus side neither of them tie users down to a long-term contract and are instead based on a on a month-by-month basis.

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