We check out the best walkabout phones

Home phones that are welded to the wall have gone the way of the dinosaurs! These days it's all about sleek and sexy walkabout phones in your home, that are matching up to some of today's best mobile phones for the choice of features and quality of product. In this blog we'll be taking a look at some of the best cordless phones on the market, to help make your choice easier!

Our first selection is the Doro PhoneEasy 105wr, £44.99. The beautiful white phone is easy for anyone to use as it has big easy to use buttons and a special font for the visually impaired. It's a two way speakerphone with plenty of loud ringtones, so it's one for the hearing impaired also. An ideal phone for an elderly member of your family.

Our next pick is the Siemens Gigaset C300A, £49.95. It may look like something that should cost a lot more, but this phone is a joy to use, marrying a wide variety of functions with simple ease of use. It offers text messaging, an alarm option and an integrated answering machine.

Next up, is the BT Synergy 6500, £62.99. This phone may seem slightly expensive compared to the other models, but it offers a brilliant and unique option, allowing you to copy over contacts from the SIM card in your phone to your house phone. So you won't have to spend hours manually moving all your numbers across!

Our final suggestion for you to check out is the BT Graphite 2500, £39.99. This stylish phone is small in form, but big on features. It has a hands free speaker and answerphone which can be operated both from the handset or from a compact base that comes included.

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