Waitrose gets a tasty online facelift

If chatting on the myriad of social networking sites de jour is tiring you out, why not give your Facebook/Bebo/MySpace/LinkedIn/Xing account a breather and try Waitrose instead?

The supermarket chain today relaunched its website and it's looking very tasty indeed. Gordon Brown will certainly like the Union Jack displayed on the homepage, as it fits in very nicely with his flag flying ambitions. A new forum has also been added that allows hungry shoppers to swap recipes and chat on message boards.

WebTwitcher is slightly disappointed that the grocer didn't try to give Facebook a run for its money. They could have forced users to include a photo of themselves inside their local store on profiles:

Name: WebTwitcher

Favourite Aisle: 3, Cheese

Local store: Undisclosed

Next trip planned: Tuesday

Kitchen tips: Eat it with wine

Interesting to see how social networking services are entering vertical sectors as a way to grow and maintain customers. Expect more.


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