Wait for it

Bah, blast, boo! We hate living in the stupid UK, where we're the last to get all the coolest stuff. The latest imposition? iTunes in the Cloud.

Apple's new music service, announced with fanfare last week, lets users quickly download music they've bought from the iTunes store to any of their devices. It even lets them 'match' and download music they didn't originally get from Apple.

It's simple, effective, and ready to go - in the US. But licensing issues mean that we in Blighty won't be getting our hands on the new features for a year or so.

Apparently the Performing Rights Society, which sorts this sort of thing out in the UK, is in a 'very early stage' of talks with Apple to agree a framework for Apple to get the necessary rights to the music to sell it in this way. It could take months for the process to complete; it took several weeks for Apple to strike the necessary deals with the big US record labels in advance of launching the product last week.

Still, look on the bright side - we still have Spotify all to ourselves...

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