Wailing Wail

Yesterday we gave you the lovely news that the iPad would be briefly on sale from the USA for UK tomorrow morning, (though be aware of the online stampede for the most skilfully marketed gadget since Apple last released something shiny and new). So spare a thought for the poor people of Israel; as if being seemingly locked for eternity in a bloody struggle for supremacy in the Holy Lands wasn’t enough, now the iPad has been banned. If that doesn’t send the people into a frenzy that eventually concludes with everyone realising that God probably doesn’t exist and that all this silly murdering each other isn’t worth it, nothing will.

The widget has been banned over there because the Israeli government is concerned about the strength of its Wi-Fi signal, because in north America gadgets are allowed to broadcast at far higher signals, and officials are concerned that the iPad might start interfering with other devices. Which exact devices they thought might be interfered with was unclear.

‘If you operate equipment in a frequency band which is different from the others that operate on that frequency band, then there will be interference,’ said Communications Ministry senior deputy director, Nati Schubert. ‘We don't care where people buy their equipment. ... But without regulation, you would have chaos.’

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