Where to Buy The VTech VMotion Console

If you're looking to buy the Vtech VMotion Console for your youngster, you've most likely found that stocks are very limited.  What does seem to be on the shelves go quickly, so knowing where to find it, fast, is vital if you want to get one.  There are currently 12 online and High Street retailers stocking the console, so let's see what your shopping options are and what you can expect to pay.

Thetoyshop.com currently has the VTech VMotion Console listed for £39.99 and the site offers free delivery on orders over £30.  This means that you can have the Vtech VMotion learning system delivered to your door free of charge.Amazon.co.uk lists the gaming console for £49.99, but this doesn't include shipping costs.

The good news is that the average Amazon customer rates this product at 4 and 4.5 stars, so you know it’s a good buy. Other High Street retailers include John Lewis, where it sells for £39.95, and Argos also has it in stock at £49.99.  Toys"R"Us also stocks the VTech Vmotion Console, but for £58.69, and Hamleys has it for sale at £75.00.

It's easy to see where to find this new gaming console for kids, but you'll have to move quickly to get one it seems! Some of the retailers listed only had one item in stock at the time of writing, so these consoles are selling like hotcakes! Luckily yours might just be a few clicks away.

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