Vita for Halloween?

Oh, this could be such good news - if it's true. According to recent reports, a leaked flier from a UK retailer shows the PlayStation Vita - the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to Sony's PSP - will be released in Europe - including the UK - on 28th October.

That contradicts reports a few weeks ago that stated the Vita wouldn't land in this part of the world until 2012.

The tidbit of information was apparently found on a flier for Blockbuster stores. It says the Vita will launch on 28th October right across Europe - around the same time it's expected to launch in Asia and the US. It was thought that the production problems created by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year would make it impossible for the Vita to launch in all three main regions this year.

The flier offers no clues as to the PS Vita's price, but it's widely expected to cost £229 when it launches - making it quite a bit more expensive than the just-reduced Nintendo 3DS.

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