Visual The Hedgehog

Nintendo have released some new screenshots of the upcoming Wii version of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, and you can see how it will cmpare to brighter, shinier version on the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you check out the shots here you’ll be able to see just how the game differs visually from its counterpars on the bigger machines.

As for actual important stuff, rather than being told something you already know (is it really any shock that the Wii version will look a bit weedier than the others), Nintendo has also said on its US website that the WiiWare version will have online leaderboards for people to post the times up, but we imagine that will be standard across all platforms. What is interesting is that one of the stages will take advantage of the Wii Remote, even if the games will basically be exactly the same.

‘Basically we prepared identical game content so users could enjoy playing with their preferred hardware platform,’ said project leader Takashi Iizuka. ‘However, some hardware specific capabilities are implemented. For Wii, you can enjoy a special stage by using the Wii Remote's tilt control.’

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