Virtual reality

If you believe internet rumours (and after yesterday’s debacle with the Spotify for consoles rumour you’d be justified in thinking you shouldn’t – yes we’re still bitter), then there’s a glimmer of a morsel of a chance that games geeks worldwide could be getting their gaming convention fix on Xbox Live, as Microsoft could be preparing interactive online versions of everything from E3 to the crazy affairs in Japan.

A recent survey by market research company VG Market had the hypothetical situation mapped out thus for the people taking its questionnaire: ‘Sign onto Xbox Live and you can enter a virtual version of that convention ... this virtual version contains 20–60 virtual booths sponsored by larger publishers and developers presenting at the real world show.’ As well as that they proposed the possibility of being able to virtually walk around the convention, download demos and generally be there without being there. Which sounds pretty ace, does it not?

Whether Microsoft have had a hand in this is anyone’s guess, but they’re not on the list of VG Market’s clients and no-one has said jack to anyone about it. So it looks like we’re swimming in so much hot water until we hear word. Bah.

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