Virtua Tennis 4 trailer shows off Kinect

The other day we showed you a trailer for SOCOM 4, complete with a whizzy new gun that allowed you what was called a new level of immersion in a first-person-shooter. We have to say that it was the first time that we looked at the PlayStation Move as being in anyway superior to Microsoft’s Kinect, and now we can see why: when it comes to the most popular game genres, like shooters or sports title, surely it’s always nice to feel like you’re holding the implement on screen, be it a tennis racket or a high-powered US Army issue assault rifle?

So it is with Virtua Tennis 4, which has been advertised as being a Kinect title, and briefly demonstrated in this super-cheesy piece of publicity: doesn’t it just look a bit weird that the game is being controlled by a waving arm and nothing else? And how on earth will the game be able to pick up on all the subtleties of shot play, like judging topspin ? We’re not convinced, but take a look, and judge for yourself.

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