Have you checked out Virgin Media's HDTV package?

Virgin Media's HDTV package has landed and there are some incredible offers that not even their main competitors can match!

High Definition TV combines a high resolution picture with Dolby digital surround sound in order to give you the ultimate viewing experience.

Virgin have a large selection of channels available in HD including BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Comedy Central, Discovery, Sky 1 and many more. Also with catch-up TV, you can store loads of your favourite HD programmes for up to one week. There are many TV and movies on demand that are also available in HD.

To start watching all your favourite programmes in stunning HD quality, you will need a HD box. This box comes as standard with all Virgin media subscriptions. With a HD box you also have the advantage of being able to pause, rewind and record live TV. If you require HD channels with your new TV package, there is a once off activation charge of £49.95.

You will also need to purchase a HDMI cable in order to enjoy your new HD channels. These can be found at any computer store or from argos.co.uk and will cost you around £15.

Virgin currently has promotions on all of their TV packages. From as little as £3.25 a month, you can enjoy an HD box along with a full HD subscription. This price is for the first 6 months and the price after this promotion will rise to £6.50. There are a range of packages to suit everyone on virginmedia.com.

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