Is Virgin broadband wireless any good?

Virgin is one of the largest suppliers of broadband to homes in the United Kingdom, and it's with good reason, they offer a brilliant service! If you're thinking of investing in Virgin Broadband Wireless, then we've put together some facts and figures for you to have a gander at.

Virgin are one of the UK's biggest all-round media giants. They offer Broadband, Cable TV, and telephone services, meaning you can combine all three in your home and save yourself plenty of money. For example, if you bundle the three together you'll pay £26 per month and receive 10 MB broadband, 100 tv channels and unlimited weekend phone calls.

Virgin enjoy the fastest Broadband speeds in the UK thanks to their billions of pounds of investment in their unique fibre optic network. Optical fibres are made of glass, and allow almost unlimited internet speeds as the data can theoretically travel at the speed of light.

Customers can enjoy speeds of up to 100 MB per second at the moment, with that set to keep rising into the future. Due to their beefy lines, Virgin provide the best service if you're a heavy downloader, a gamer, or if there'll be a few members of the family online at once. It holds up incredibly well under any of these circumstances.

The price for Virgin's top 100 MB package is £35 per month if you possess a Virgin phone line, and £45 per month if you don't. So in our view, it's best to bundle and save if you're going to invest.

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