Give your bedroom a cool retro look with a vintage alarm clock

Looking for ideas to brighten up your home? Why not go retro! Here are some funky alarm clocks which are bound to help start your day with a smile.

  • Jones Amigo Alarm Clock - Do a spot of time travelling back to the 1950s with this lovely travel vintage alarm clock. The stylish dial fronts a quartz movement and it's all wrapped up in a smart protective plastic case which folds neatly to fit any suitcase or bag. It measures 12 cm x 12 cm and is available from Sainsbury's, currently priced £14.99.
  • Vintage Style Bell Alarm Clock - These cute models are available from The Online Clock Company and there are three styles to choose from: a round clock with single bell in cream, black or chrome finish casing with roman dial and 'Covent Garden' detailing, priced £13.25; a double bell in sweet pastel pink, yellow or duck egg with full numeric face and floral detail, priced £11.35; and a fabulous chunky square retro twin bell alarm clock in chrome with black Arabic marker dial and light, priced £11.35. It also comes in comes white and pink.
  • Bake A Like Alarm Clock - The epitome of an in-vogue vintage alarm clock, getting up has never been so fashionable! This chic rounded rectangular timepiece comes in green, orange, red and cream or chocolate brown. It measures 11 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm and will add a trendy splash of colour to any bedside table. Available from Aspire Style priced £9.95.


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