VideOMG shows the future of web video

The way we consume video, film and TV is in a constant state of flux, with changing technology radically altering the traditional roles of "viewer" and "broadcaster".

Even the most popular depository of homemade video content, YouTube, is undergoing a rapid transformation. Although it will always have a role as the place to upload cute films of kittens dancing to Public Enemy and Uncle Dave falling into a pond, it has now morphed into a quality broadcasting outlet.

Whole channels now use YouTube as their outlet for quality programming, offering news, documentaries and movies to a global audience. Adding the offerings of similar channels like Movieclips, Maker Studios and Machinima, over 3 billion video clips are available every month.

Viewers need help in making sense of all this material, which is where services like Frequency and videOMG come in, collating and extending the scope of the online video providers.

In effect, videos from the high quality channels can be grouped and programmed in your VideOMG platform. User-generated content may still be part of your viewing schedule, but now it is possible to have easy access to the ground-breaking work of video professionals from all around the world.

It brings an end to all that frustrating searching. Relevant and interesting content is now within easy reach. Whenever new videos that come within your selected criteria or areas of interest, you will have that information instantly. It’s the start of a new era in viewing. Sorry kittens, your 15 minutes of fame may be over.

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