videOMG offers that syncing feeling

The success of a social network stands or falls on its ability to link friends and like-minded contacts. The ability to "sync" interests, diaries, news and chat offers the shortcut to communication in the modern world that has made social networking one of the internet’s most popular features.

As an example, Facebook’s Ticker feature, unveiled in 2011 featured an easy-to-see digest of status updates, likes, photo postings and other content as it appeared, allowing users an at-a-glance guide to what was happening in their network.

With a video social network site like videOMG, the key innovation is providing a similar level of networking connectivity. The data accumulated about users’ tastes and preferences forms a valuable resource that allows instant sharing and recommendation of TV or movie content.

It can be summarised as "these friends may like or love this movie." So if you are watching the latest Bruce Willis action thriller or Robert Pattinson teen drama, you’ll be able to see who shares your tastes, or who might be interested in a recommendation.

The function can also serve as a valuable consumer guide. We’ve all been in the position on a Saturday night in, scrolling down a list of unfamiliar movie titles, wondering what to watch. With a videOMG network, it becomes much simpler. Check out the content that tallies with your tastes and preferences, allowing you to narrow down your choices and avoid those situations where you pay for a movie and realise, after 20 minutes, that it is dross.

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