Video on Flickr sparks online revolt

Yesterday Yahoo introduced video to Flickr, its popular online photo sharing website. But the company's attempt to challenge its Google owned rival YouTube has sparked revolt amongst Flickr users.

A number of groups such as 'We Say NO to Videos on Flickr' and 'NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!!' sprang up in protest against the move, claiming that it will kill the spirit of the site and turn it into a YouTube clone. Between them the groups boast over 25,000 members.

Comments such as "Let youtube have the video and Flickr have the photos or if Yahoo wants videos create a seperate page" and  "Please keep flickr for Photographers - Photographers don't want FLICKR flooded with random 'video phone' style videos" characterize the dissenting voices' if it's not broken don't fix it style stance.

While their hearts seem to be in the right place it seems like mountains out of molehills stuff. The addition of videos to Flickr may turn out to be another outlet for the talents of the Dramatic Hamster and the Sneezing Panda, but it remains to be seen if it will really have new users flocking to upload vids of their drunken antics of a Friday or if they'll just stick to using YouTube.

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