Video games while u wait

A new way of downloading video games has been launched, which allows you to start playing the game while you wait for it to be downloaded, reports the BBC. Anyone who has come home from work only to find that My Little Pony: The Video Game still hasn't arrived will be chirped up somewhat by this news.

p> British company Awowo have pioneered the software, which will cut download times in a way that dunces like us can only describe as 'magic sorcery', and will revolutionise the way people purchase and interact with their games.

'What Awowo does is take the core files used to play the game, which is enough to get you up and running, and then download the rest of the content in the background,' explains Awowo boss Roger Walkden helpfully. 'This is a super-fast way of distributing games. For the first time we have created a system that really does for games what iTunes does for music.'

One of the first games available is Tomb Raider Legend, which means downloading and playing with Lara Croft doesn't quite have the same embarrassing connotations.

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