Video games make more money than film

Video games, as we all know here at Digital Edge, are the superior way for wasting precious time when it’s too wet out to be fighting injustice or climate change. For decades the format has been stigmatised as the pass time of geeks and losers with no social lives, and we sure show them how untrue that is, right? Right?

Despite this unfair stereotype, figures have been released by data company GFK Chart-Track that show that more money was spent on video games than on films (whether at the cinema or on DVDs) in the 12 months up until the end of September 2009, with a whopping £1.73billion being handed over shop counters and online, compared to the nearly £1.2billion that was spent on films. Only television and music are bigger forms of personal entertainment.

‘This is the clearest evidence yet that the video games market has come of age and transformed itself from a niche form of entertainment for teenage boys into a mainstream form of entertainment for millions of British families,’ said the wonderfully named Harry Wallop in the Daily Telehgraph. ‘Only television - including DVDs of television shows, along with the cost of the license and satellite subscriptions - and music are bigger forms of entertainment.’

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