Video games killed the TV star's marriage

One of the daftest stories over the weekend was a continuation of a well-worn theme: video games and technology are killing mans’ ability to communicate and socialise properly. We are, after all hunched in darkened rooms at all hours of day and night, clicking our way through ever more depraved pornography before firing up the Xbox for a round of cop killing and whore visiting.

Anyway, predictably a Catholic marriage counselling service called Accord said that internet use has been named as a problem in 1,000 marriages in the past year, with up to 15 per cent of their clients experiencing problems with extra work being brought home, excessive porn use, online gambling and yes, video games. We’re looking in the mirror here.

Amusingly CVG have decided to tack on a quote from soap star Kym Marsh in their coverage of the story, who seems to blame Jack Ryder’s love of video games and lack of drinking as what ruined their marriage. ‘Jack didn't like to go out or socialise,’ she is apparently going to say to wobbly faced hypocrite Piers Morgan on ITV tonight. ‘He was really into computer games, which makes him sound about 12... we just weren't getting on. Jack wasn't really a party-goer. He didn't drink.’

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