Very cheap electronic drum kits here!

If you are looking for very cheap electronic drum kits then we have the perfect kit. The Yamaha DD-65 does everything a full size kit does but it's compact, cheap and great for beginners.

A lot of parents often put up a wall when it comes to drum kits in the home. Even electronic drumkits have a bit of a thump when it comes to the bass pedal. The Yamaha DD-65 is a great alternative. It has soft pedals that you do not need to stomp on to get the effect.

The DD-65 has lots of great options as far as drumming goes. You have your three tom toms, ride cymbal, crash and hi-hats along with bass pedal and the hi-hat switch. You have all the versatility of a standard set up just on a compact table top kit.

Yamaha have even added support for a snare stand so you can now take this to gigs and set it up as a regular drum kit. The hi-hat pad is elevated as are the two cymbals so it feels ultra-realistic. The are hit responsive and feel like normal drum pads.

Hit up Yamaha's website and you can find different dealers in your area. The machine is generally around £200 to buy new but you can find it even cheaper online, maybe check out eBay or Amazon and see what they have to offer.

The DD-65 is the perfect kit for beginners or pro's that need the portability. It is also great if noise is an issue in your flat, it is basically silent to play. Check out the Yamaha's latest offering - as far as very cheap electronic drumkits go, this cannot be beaten!

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