We check the current value of the iPhone 3GS

There can be little doubt that Apple's iPhone has completely changed the way we view mobile phones today. Much like the way the American based company has turned the music industry on its head with its iPod, Apple managed to kick start the entire smartphone market with the release of the touch screen iPhone back in the summer of 2007.

Although smartphones had been around for a few years at that point, they were regarded mainly as being tools for businessmen who needed access to their emails and contacts at all times. Apple turned this on its head by marketing the iPhone as the must have accessory for anyone who wanted to keep up to date with the latest developments. Helped by the huge success of the App Store, where you can download thousands of applications to do just about anything you could possibly imagine, the iPhone was a massive success and has since received several updates.

First came the iPhone 3G, which added a number of improvements over the original model including 3G network support, GPS and an improved operating system that added stability to the system.

Next game the iPhone 3GS, which took the improvement a step further by adding a higher resolution camera, video recording capabilities, HSDPA network support and voice control as well as further operating system updates. Released on June 19th 2009, the 3GS sold more than one million units in its first weekend alone, marking it as a massive success for Apple.

Since then however, we've seen the arrival of the iPhone 4, and the next model is expected later on this year. What does this mean for the value of the iPhone 3GS should you choose to sell in order to upgrade to a new system, perhaps one of the newer Android models available right now?

Well, now is probably the best time to sell actually. Since the next iPhone hasn't been released yet, the 3GS is still a desirable phone for many, as it represents a slightly lower outlay than the iPhone 4. However if you are planning on selling, you can improve your chances of making more by having your phone unlocked so that it can take a SIM card from any network in any country, and you would be advised to sell as soon as possible, because any further announcements regarding the new iPhone will surely reduce the value of the 3GS even further.

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