Find a used used Nintendo Wii on eBay

A couple of years ago it was the must-have games console. It's not quite such a hot item now, but there's is still an avid market for Wii games and accessories. If you don't want to pay full price for a new Wii, check eBay for a wide variety of used Nintendo Wii consoles and games.

Ebay (ebay.co.uk) has a huge selection of Wii items most of the time. It's just a matter of narrowing down your search and identifying the best price for the Wii you require.

The basic white console, in a used but refurbished condition, is available for around £28, a considerable saving on the new shop price. Black consoles are on offer for prices around the £80 mark.

Used Nintendo Wii games are easy to find on ebay, with gamers selling them on as soon as they tire of them. Buy them in bundles, sometimes with a console, or bid on individual games, with prices starting from 99p.  Even the most popular games are usually available at much cheaper prices than the new versions.

Unless you are deft at the auction process and have mastered the timing of that last second bid to secure the item, it might be best to stick to the fixed-price Buy It Now items.There's nothing more disappointing than tracking an item for a week and then losing out to a late bidder.

If you want to avoid eBay altogether, check the listings at Cash Generator (cashgenerator.co.uk) or your local Gumtree (Gumtree.com). Both regularly feature great deals on used Nintendo Wii games and consoles.


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