The best advice for buying used laptops for sale in the UK

Buying a new computer for you or your family doesn't need to be an expensive ordeal, there are many alternatives available to splashing out huge amounts of cash for something that's going to be technologically obsolete the second you leave the shop.

Many people opt for the refurbished computer market, which is certainly a great choice and definitely represents great value for money, but there are even bigger savings to be made by buying second hand. We take a look at what's on offer in the field of used laptops for sale in the UK.

Although some people are wary of buying anything second hand, especially when it comes to computers, it does represent some unbelievable savings. The real trick is knowing what to look out for when you're buying from the second hand market.

Websites like eBay offer excellent buyer protection which covers you if you paid for your item via PayPal turns out to be faulty or the description was inaccurate. This is fine for most stuff, but when buying a computer or laptop, we wouldn't really recommend going that route.

It's always important to ask questions about the previous use of the laptop before you commit to buying. Was it plugged in constantly? If so, this has been known to have an effect on battery life, lowering it considerably over a period of time, possibly meaning you'll need to buy a replacement - laptop batteries aren't cheap! What kind of applications was it used for? Was it overclocked at any stage? Overclocking is the process of telling your computer's processor to run faster than it was designed to do, in order to improve performance. This process has been known to shorten the life expectancy of laptops due to the increased heat which they generate when active.

. Many computer retailers will sell second hand or refurbished laptops at bargain prices, and it's always good to know the history of any computer you are buying. If you're not totally confident in knowing how to interpret the answers to these questions, bring someone along who is - it might just prevent you from buying a dud!

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