Where to find used digital SLR camera for sales second hand

If you're a camera and photography enthusiast looking to make the step up and get your first DSLR Camera, then the obvious starting point is to find a previously owned camera to get started with. These cameras can be quite pricey, so before you take the plunge, read our guide to buying used digital slr camera for sales second hand.

There are countless bargains available online when it comes to buying a previously owned camera for yourself. Sites like Gumtree and eBay are overflowing to the rafters with these cameras, but you just have to watch out for a few things before taking the plunge and committing to buy.

First, we suggest checking the camera's sensor. You don't want to buy a camera then find out the sensor is damaged. You'll generally have to use the feature on the camera that locks the mirror in position and opens the shutter so you can examine the sensor underneath.

Next, make sure to ask how many actuations the camera has on it. Each camera has a life expectancy for the number of shots it can take. If a camera has less than 10,000 it is relatively new and worth purchasing.

We suggest then checking the front and back elements of the lens. You can do this by unattaching the lens, holding it up to light, and checking both the front and the back against a light to check for scratches and imperfections.

Our final suggestion for you is to ask the seller to pose for a number of portraits for you. This allows you to test the focus of the camera, and also allows you to have a photo of them, in case they end up selling you a poor quality camera, despite your checks!

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