The best places online to find used desktop computers for sale in UK

Looking to get the lowest possible price on a desktop computer for your home? If you aren't too fussed about going down the refurbished or used route, then there are serious bargains to be found, and the best part is, these computers have had a full tune up before you buy them, so there's no risk involved in buying used desktop computers for sale in UK. Lets check out a few places to pick one up!

Before splashing out on a refurbished computer, it's vital that you ensure that the computer has been completely wiped and fully tested. This way, you will be protected from buying a computer potentially infected with viruses. This is why it's worth making your purchases from reputable refurbished computer sellers and not private individuals.

With this in mind, we recommend you check out Laptops Direct, and their extensive refurbished computer section at www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Refurbished. There are bargains galore on this site as they offer refurbished PC's from the low price of £129, with monitors clocking in at £55. All of their computers come with a full guarantee, meaning you will be completely covered in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

If you are looking for one of Apple's fantastic MacBook range, then Apple run an extensive refurbished Apple section on their UK store, which you can find at store.apple.com/uk-refurb. It makes buying an Apple computer somewhat affordable, and they also come with a full guarantee, meaning you can buy with confidence!


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