Use classifieds aggregators to save money and time

The advent of the Internet made many daily tasks faster and simpler, and finding a house or a used car for sale is an example of such tasks.

The increased ease of access and publication characterizing the Web also made classified-oriented sites flourish, and the mission that was once accomplished by a few pages on a local newspaper can now count on tens of different websites specializing in all kinds of goods and classifieds listings.

This wide variety of websites and broad offer can at times turn out to be extremely time consuming, especially if one wants to make sure to check out all available offers before making a purchase.

Luckily enough, modern-day technologies also made it possible for aggregator sites to be developed. Aggregator sites, also known as “meta search engines”, are segment-specific search engines that integrate all the items listed in tens or hundreds of different sites dedicated to a certain kind of products and allow users to easily browse through them. Essentially, meta search engines allow users to browse ten sites at the same time, reducing the time spent looking for the house, flat, job or car of their dreams.

An example of such sites, named ToTheGo, recently launched in the UK. The site allows its users to quickly browse throught the latest classified ads aboutr cars, jobs and homes.

Sure, the databases of this kind of sites are much smaller than those of big search engines like Google or Bing, but a series of segment-specific functionalities makes them much more useful when it comes to shopping, so we definitely recommend you to give them a try!

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