Looking at usb Wireless Internet dongles?

If you can't get broadband in your area then fear not, you can always get online using a USB Wireless Internet dongle. These fantastic little inventions allow you to get mobile broadband, no matter where you are in the UK.

This mobile wireless broadband is provided in the UK by mobile phone providers, who provide the signal on their mobile networks. You can sign up for term contracts, or you can go for the slightly more expensive option of paying month by month.

It's worth bearing in mind that you won't enjoy the speed you would expect from a home internet connection. Your download limit will also be massively smaller than you could expect from a home connection.

However, for casual browsing or email checking, wireless dongles can't be beaten for convenience. Here's a few of the available plans:

Vodafone - Offer 30 days access for £7.50 with a punitive .5 GB download limit. It's cheap, but even watching Youtube clips could put you over the limit.

3 - For £15.99 per month, 3 offers speeds of 7.2MB, and a more generous download limit of 15GB. They also offer a £12.99 monthly package with a lesser download limit.

T-Mobile - Offer a deal worth £10.21 per month with a 3GB monthly download allowance.

Orange - Offer a £10 per month package with a low download limit of .5 GB per month.

In our view, it's worth spending the few extra pounds per month for a reasonable download limit. If you go above your download limit, you'll be heavily charged.

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