USB myster-E

Bloody New York. From Central Park to the Empire State, they have all the coolest stuff. The same applies to tech-savvy odd public art projects. Wander around the Big Apple right now, and you’ll find yourself occasionally stumbling upon a USB connector sticking out of the wall. Sitck your laptop on the connector – activate your virus protection first – and you’ll be connected to a special private file-sharing network.

The tool of some sinister terrorist conspiracy? Naw, just ‘art.’ Artist Aram Bartholl has fitted the USB drives as part of a project called 'Dead Drops'.

It's not all that clear what, if anything, the artist expects people to share. But it's clear he's just getting started, so the fun might be spreading to your city soon. 'Dead Drops is still in progress, to be continued here and in more cities,' he says. What would you dump on a random USB drive for strangers to find? Your screenplay? A naughty photo? A song?

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