The best USB memory sticks

USB memory sticks come in a variety of different sizes, from lots of different companies and at loads of different prices. 'Sandisk' and 'Kingston' are the two leading USB stick manufacturers in the UK, and as a general rule they make good quality USB sticks which are unlikely to break or lose your data. There are plenty of other companies making USB sticks, and many of them are fine too, but if buying from anyone but 'Kingston' or 'Sandisk' it is worth reading reviews of the product first.

The Kingston DataTraveler Generation 3 is one of Kingston's latest and most popular USB memory sticks. It is available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions and is compatible with high speed USB 2.0 connections for fast transfer of data. It works on most modern operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and even Windows 2000 SP4, as well as Linux 2.6.x or later and MacOS X 10.5.x or later. It comes with a five year warranty for peace of mind and includes a sturdy cap to protect both it and any data that it's storing. It's currently available at amazon.co.uk from £4.61.

The Bytstor Dataferry is a product with similar specifications, the key difference being that it also has an indicator light to tell you whether the USB stick is reading or writing data, this ensures that there is never the risk or removing it while it's busy and losing or corrupting data in the process. The 4GB version is available from amazon.co.uk for £5.85 with bigger 8GB and 16GB versions priced at £7.75 and £10.89 respectively.

Another great option is the Sandisk Cruzer Blade, which again offers similar specifications and reliability as the Kingston DataTraveler, and is available from play.com for £5 with free postage.

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