Time to upgrade to a usb car stereo

While it can often take people a long time to move on from items that are dear to them, a usb car stereo is an upgrade that couldn't come quicker. While it is still handy to have a cd play, you are much better off with something that plays mp3s or even both.

We honestly believe that you still need a cd player but get one with your usb stereo and everybody wins. This way you can play all of your digital tunes as well as your cds, problem solved.

The 3 in 1 Car Radio with USB from Virtual Reality Sound Labs is the perfect radio for any car. It covers just about everything you could need from a modern stereo and has a removable faceplate to deter thieves.

Technically it is brilliant. This stereo has so many great features and functions. Things like USB, Flash Drives, SD Cards and External devices all work with ease. It plays MP3,WMA,CD/CD-R/CD-RW30  and has 4 speaker channels and 180 Watts of thump to make those car journeys a lot more fun.

Not only is it technically amazing but it is super slick and stylish. The interface is easy to use so you will have no trouble adjusting eqs or selecting tracks. The whole faceplate lights up making it both visual stunning but also functional in low light.

The best news is we managed to track this stereo down on ebay.co.uk for as little as £45! You will not find a deal as good as this on a usb car stereo anywhere else so be sure to hit up eBay.



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