Upsetting the Apple cart

The iPhone is bloody brilliant. However, everyone knows that the biggest bugbear with it is its lack of ability to view online content that uses Flash. For years Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been bickering with the company that make Flash, Adobe with neither backing down and allowing the software on the iPhone, iPod Touch or the incoming iPad. In an attempt to resolve the dispute it’s now rumoured that Adobe are going to take Apple to court.

It’s understood that the groundings for a lawsuit is the focus of Apple’s recent criticism of Adobe Flash which was described as simply ‘not good enough’ to feature on a large portion of Apple’s products. Whilst Jobs and co have kept tight lipped about the dispute, Wiebke Lips of Adobe said: ‘we are aware of the new SDK language and are looking into it.’

If this does go to court it gives a glimmer of hope that the iPhone could have Flash, maybe.

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