Updates ahoy!

Once, you bought a gadget and that was it, until you replaced it after a couple of years. Those days, you'll no doubt recall, were rubbish.

Now, buying a device is just the start - you've got the joy of software updates to keep things fresh. (If only marriages had software updates....)

The good news is that the majority of smartphone users - that is, those touting iPhones or Android phones - can look forward to a nifty upgrade pretty soon.

Apple is mere days away from finally unleashing iOS 4.2. It was due out last week, then it was delayed because of an issue with wireless printing from iPads. That bug's now been fixed, and a final beta pushed to developers, meaning - unless another bug is discovered - iOS 4.2 will surely be with us soon, and along with it multi-tasking for iPads and better performance for iPhone 3g's. Glee!

But that is not all, dear friends. For Android owners - whose rickety OS is arguably more in need of an update than iOS - can also rejoice. After the giant gingerbread man appeared on Google's lawn, today offered yet another hint that Android 2.3 - nicknamed Gingerbread - is almost upon us. The Google Mobile twitter account posted a link to a picture of, well, some gingerbread Androids. That seems like an unsubtle hint, no?

Now, as Engadget points out, this week isn't necessarily going to be the date, as those crazy Yanks have the small matter of Thanksgiving to think about. But soon. We're pretty sure.

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