United Kingdom Stores That Carry the iPhone 3GS

The major iPhone 3GS stores that sell the iPhone 3GS phones to retailers for the United Kingdom include the official iPhone Store, the Orange store, Vodafone and the T-mobile store. These stores specialise in getting the latest technology and developments in iPhone phones to customers in the UK. A store such as O2 (the leading mobile provider in the United Kingdom) does not sell iPhone gadget to retailers outside of the United Kingdom.

Official iPhone Store

The store is accredited for getting their iPhone phones direct from Apple, the official iPhone manufacturer. You purchase the iPhone online from their website where you get it Sim-free. The major advantage you get is you can sign up with the service of your choice and can change your service carrier at any time. You get to choose the option of having a contract where you get your iPhone at a cheaper price from the official iPhone distributor store. The United Kingdom iphone 3gs at the official iPhone distributor store costs £428.

Orange Shop

Orange shop in the UK sells iPhone gadgets including the iPhone 3GS among other models. You get to enjoy better value and variety of benefits from Orange shop in the UK. Orange shop sells the iPhone 3GS to their service subscription customers where you have to buy on a Sim plan basis of £30-£35 monthly subscription and get to enjoy an outstanding 3G network. This offers provides a free text, free chat and free movie tickets. You also get to update your iPhone software free at the Orange site.

Vodafone - UK

Vodafone is a mobile service provider in the United Kingdom. The company specialises in providing 3G data services through their iPhone plans.Just like the Orange shop, it offers a pay per month subscription service or a pay as you go service for the iPhone. The Vodafone UK store sell the iPhone 3GS that has an 8GB memory capacity. The monthly subscription service is in the range of £25 to a maximum of £60 per month. The plan offers free minutes ranging from 75 to 3000.The pay as you go service from Vodafone store sells the iPhone 3GS at a price of £400.

T-mobile - UK

The T-mobile store sells the iPhone gadget including the iPhone 3GS on a pay as go plan and pay per monthly plan. The pay as you go plan sells the iPhone 3GS at a price of £399.99.  The pay monthly plan sells the iPhone 3GS at a price of £30.64 per month. You get the iPhone delivered free to your home for orders made online from the T-mobile site. T-mobile offers a Sim only plan ifyou already have an iPhone 4.

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