The United Kingdom welcomes the ipad 2

The United Kingdom currently has iPad fever!! The new and improved iPad 2 has been launched. Apple has designed the smartest tablet computer seen to date. Like all other Apple products, the iPad is designed to easily communicate with other Apple products such as itunes and the iPhone. The newest version of the iPad has been improved in many ways.

  • It is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad.
  • Twice as fast due to the powerful A5 chip.
  • Super fast graphics for playing games.
  • 10 hours battery life.
  • 2 cameras, one at the front and one at the back.
  • AirPlay lets you stream all your music, photos and videos wirelessly.
  • With AirPrint you can print everything wirelessly
  • Range of ipad smart covers to choose from.
  • Wi-Fi and 3G ready.


The Apple iPad can be yours to own for as little as £399. The Apple online shop can be found at store.apple.com/uk where it is simple to choose your iPad. Apple provides a free delivery service with all iPads bought in the UK. A 16GB iPad will cost you £399 whilst a 64GB could cost you £559.

If you are buying the iPad as a gift for somebody, Apple also offer free engraving on all of its iPads. Along with this, Apple will also gift wrap the iPad and deliver it on a special day. This will be a gift they will never forget.

Please visit Apple.co.uk for more information on the iPad and any other accessories you many want.


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