Union attacks M&S online, sort of

Trade union Unite is making a fairly big deal of the fact that it’s launched a Google ad campaign targeting Marks and Spencer. It may have fallen a bit flat, though. Its press release, announcing the ad it’s running, says “searches for Marks and Spencers using the Google search engine can reveal the advert”. Guys, the important word there is “can”.

Despite searching on all the keywords named in Unite’s press release, we didn’t see the alleged ad once. Lots of adverts for Mother’s Day, lots of nice results for Marks and Spencer, but not a single ad directing us to the campaign page which, incidentally claims unfair practices and poor treatment of workers in M&S’s supply chain.

A word to the wise at Unite – before you start gloating in press releases about how “e” you are, make sure you’re not accidentally driving a lot of traffic to your target’s site by encouraging everyone to search on its company name… Doh!

(Image: form Ian Muttoo’s flickr stream)

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