Are you a Twitter fanatic? Do you love finding out all the latest goss from your trusted celeb buddies? Well, have a think again my friends, you may be taken for a ride, or actually should that be, they may be taken for a ride a brand-new-top-of-the-range-swanky-free car.

According to The Sun 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg have each been paid £3000 for posting ONE tweet endorsing a product, and this looks like only the beginning. Arnie Gollov-Sing a Brit advertiser mogul says he has already signed up 5,000 celebs in the U.S. to plugs products such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft and has now taken his sordid little deal to the UK.

We won’t the brand of car, but C-listers Ben Shephard, Daisy Lowe and George Lamb have each been given a car for A YEAR, for FREE inexchange for some publicity on the social newtworking tool.


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