Underwater car, anyone?

Haven’t done all your Christmas shopping yet? Can’t get a Nintendo Wii for your nearest and dearest? How about a SQuba underwater car instead? Yes – it’s what you’ve all been waiting for – a company called Rinspeed has invented a car that turns into a submarine. Actually, you won’t be able to get it for Christmas (that’s a shame, as you really were going to, weren’t you?), because it’s only at the conceptual stage. But it sounds like a great gift – for someone extremely rich.

Actually, we quite like the sound of the SQuba, but there are a few other slightly less James Bondesque gadgets we’d like to see rolled out in 2008 – how about a a breadmaker that works, or a foot spa that takes itself back to the shop for a refund, or a TV remote control with a homing device, or a set of keys that calls to you in a loud voice when you’re frantically searching for them, or…we could go on and on.

(Image: from wanderingthinker’s flickr stream)

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